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Judd Products
Judd Products produces a line of work implements, primarily designed for ATV's and UTV's.  These products are designed to be used with a standard 2-inch, receiver-type hitch mount.  The primary product is a heavy duty Log Skidder, which comes standard with a remote-controlled, electric power winch.  Many accessory products, such as the Dozer Blade, Bale Lifter and Sod Buster are also available, which use the basic Log Skidder as their mount base and power source.
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The SportHelo is a fully self-contained, ultralight, backpack helicopter that is presently under development. It is completely collapsible, meaning that it does NOT require any assembly when you are ready to fly.  It unfolds to deploy and will take only about five minutes or so to get it into the air.  It carries 5 gallons of gas/oil-mix fuel in two 2-1/2 gallon portable tanks and is expected to have about 45 minutes of flight duration, which, at an expected forward speed of 45 miles-per-hour, should give a range of 30 to 35 miles.  The SportHelo has electric start, innovative flight controls, a complete fuel management system, and redundant electrical systems.  Flight controls have been simplified, and learning to fly the SportHelo should typically take less than 20 hours of instruction time.  The SportHelo is designed to be very stable, and has been designed with safety in mind.  The design is redundant in many ways in order to reduce the possibility of operational failure.  The SportHelo has plenty of power, and will pick up the average person plus up to 80 additional pounds of gear. 
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Design considerations for the GenRotor are that it should be inexpensive to manufacture, install and operate, be of sturdy construction, develop high-torque, be resistant to turbulence, have non-friction over-speed protection, and be very low maintenance.  The GenRotor design will make it amenable to portable power applications and can be designed for rapid erection and teardown.  Though the GenRotor was primarily designed for electrical power production, it will work very well in other applications, such as well pumping and hydraulic and pneumatic uses.  Since the GenRotor has such vast possibilities, the company will not release any additional information until patents are pending.
GenRotor-Web-01 (600 x 450)
GenRotor-Web-03 (600 x 450)
The Products shown on this page represent just a few of the potential items that will make up part of the MechaGenesis product line.